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About Dr. Sas

Dr. Sas is a success coach, an author, a podcaster, and a speaker. She specializes in guiding professionals & entrepreneurs to gain clarity in their lives, careers, and businesses so that they can perform their best while balancing all areas of life.  

She served in the US Airforce, held many high-level positions in different companies, owned 6 different businesses, and is now a founder & CEO of Awakened Goddess LLC. 

Dr. Sas encourages a healthy lifestyle, healing, and self-mastery. For that very reason, she shares her wisdom via her social media, YouTube Channel, books, and article writings.  Her constant conversations revolve around peace, love, health, and happiness. 

Her favorite pastime is sipping a nice cup of coffee while enjoying the sunlight - preferably with good company, her husband.

Our Mission

We guide aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to get clarity and create businesses and career that supports their vision and their desired life style.

Our Vision

We are a premier community that cultivates world-class mentoring and training for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to thrive professionally and personally.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence:  We deliver world-class services and hold ourselves accountable in all we do.

  • Mastery: We are a performance-driven community striving to always provide the best and up-to-date knowledge.

  • Compassion: We have a culture of understanding, warmth, and belonging where we respect each other and our clients.

  • Joy: We passionately and happily serve while encouraging our clients to enjoy their process.

  • Oneness: We believe that everyone and all things are connected on a higher level therefore our clients' success is an elevation for all humanity.

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United State

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