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eet Dr. SAS

Welcome to my website, and thank you for taking an interest in what I do and where I’m coming from. 

I was born and raised in Thailand. Just before I turned 12 years old, I moved to the United States with my parents and siblings. Moving halfway across the world to a different culture with a different language was challenging. Though, throughout all the challenges of growing up as a young girl and reaching womanhood, I kept one thing in mind. When I was nine years old, as my mom was dressing me up for a dance performance at my school, she said something so profound to me, and it has carried me through the rest of my life. My mom said, “Remember, you can be anything and do anything.” I believed her, and I still carry with me the attitude of “I can do anything; nothing is impossible.” Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that all my successes came from that mindset. To me, my mom is the best mom in the world. She embodied the goddess of love and compassion, and I hope I inherited some of her greatest qualities. 

I earned my first degree as a pharmacist from West Virginia University. My career in healthcare began as an officer at the Keesler Airforce base in Mississippi. There, being in charge of many soldiers, I learned how to be a leader and how to care for others.

In 2000, I enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy school at the University of Florida while working full time and giving life to two gorgeous and wonderful boys. It was a challenging time, but it was also ingrained in my DNA that I can do anything and be anything. After working hard, I graduated with flying colors with Magna Cum Laude.

Throughout my pharmacy career, I saw many people taking unnecessary medications and suffering from diseases that can be treated with the right nutrition and mindset. That’s when I started to expand my knowledge into other areas of health, because I believed that I could help people more than just through counseling them on how to take medications or guiding doctors on how to dose certain antibiotics. More than ever, I believe I can help prevent diseases and suffering by teaching people how to eat and live healthily.

My passion as a health coach was born over time as I looked into antiaging medicine, herbal supplements, and nutrition. I coach people with compassion because all I have ever wanted in my life was to make a change in this world, and for me, that change is making a positive impact in people’s lives. 

I have experience as a director, assistant director, manager, and consultant of several pharmacies and hospitals. I earned my integrative nutrition and coaching education from a NY-based integrative nutrition school, IIN. I was a past owner of a spa. And, now, I am also a reiki practitioner. Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be administered in person or via distant healing.


Success Stories

I am a fighter and welcome any form of life challenges. I know no defeat, as I have fought life as a single mom. I inspire and coach many men and women to heal their health and their lives. Living by my true values, I am honored to serve humanity with conviction. I know no adversity because I see those as a silver lining for my personal growth and walk away enlightened and thankful for that experience.

It doesn’t matter what education and experiences I put on my resume.  What matters the most is that I serve all people from the bottom of my heart. That is, all that I do, I do it out of love.

Let me coach and guide you through your journey of health and happiness. 

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