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Do you want to feel confident, powerful, and have the game plan for your LIFE?  You came to the right place.

Dear my fellow goddesses,

  • It’s true that we all have these burning desires to live a life on our own terms.  But the fact is we ended up living in the matrix where we feel like we just got up and do what we do just to go through the motion of living.
  • Why? Because we have been conditioned by the society and the system to give away our time, our lives for the corporates, the companies, the government, etc. you name it.   We all end up living our hours, seconds, and days for everybody else.
  • If you feel like this and you want to get unstuck, then follow Awaken the Goddess Within program.  Thousands of women who uses techniques in this program has benefited greatly from it and living life in abundance and joy.
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Have you ever wondered, what is the meaning of your life? Why are you here?


  • Is what you believe who you are, really is who you are? This program will start opening doors for you to look in different mirrors and see the reflections of the real you. 

  • If you have a clear picture of who you are and what you want out of life the HOW is that much easier.

  • Awaken the goddess within program is designed to do just that – awaken your awareness of your truth. 
  • Follow the 4 milestones of this program and you will get tools and techniques to reach the answers that you want.  
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Are you ready to awaken the Goddess Within you?

Then let's start your journey now


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What is your end goal? 

  •  Feel less stress/less worried

  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin and have more self-confidence
  • Have inner peace
  • Have meaningful and harmonious relationships
  • Be happy and be healthy
  • Have clarity of who you are and where you are going
  • Feel more empowered and in control of your life
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  • From being imprisoned to freedom
  • From living in confusion to living with clarity
  • From living egotistically to living consciously
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Success Stories

Dr. Christina Johnson

Doctor of Pharmacy

Sas is simply amazing!!! She has an intuitive understanding of people and is highly intelligent to boot. Her insightfulness and diverse learning allows her to quickly understand others and help them conquer the challenges they face- be it nutrition, seeking mindfulness or dealing with aches and pains. She has many different tools to assist with and her multiple areas of training allow for an integrated approach. She is warm and compassionate and her desire to assist others is readily apparent. I have been fortunate to know Sas as a colleague and dear friend for the past seven years. Her cheerfulness and positive attitude is infectious. She inspires me to be a better me! I hope you reach out so she can inspire you as well!

Dr. Paveena Posang

Medical Doctor

As long as I've known Sas, she has always been compassionate and understanding. You won't find a better coach who listen without judgement and who guide with such gentleness. The kind of patience Sas has for her clients and everyone she comes into contact with is unmatched. I feel like I can consult with her in about any subject in life.

Pascal Bachman

International Speaker, Author, & Life Coach

Sas is an insightful and intuitive coach. What I took away from her are the areas that many men struggle with - those are compassion, empathy, gentleness, and patience. She is a great soul that is a gift to us all.

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