Self-Love Your relationship with yourself

Mar 29, 2021

Taking care of your health starts with self-love. Health is more than just what you put in your mouth, it encompasses so many things. The first step toward improving your health is accepting that you are important. Learn to accept yourself and know that you come first. Without your health and happiness, you will be less capable of taking care of those you love.

Your Relationship with yourself

It is important to take time each day to devote to self-love and self-care. Are you practicing self-love? What kind of language are you using when referring to yourself? All these are important components of your health and it all starts here. That is why I’ve developed a program that helps jump start your self-love journey.

Why is Self-Love Important? 

Below you will find a few of the main examples of what self-love can do for you:

1. Self-love leads to healthier relationships with yourself and others.  

If you can’t love yourself then how can you love others? You must love and respect yourself first to know the value that you bring to your relationship before others can realize it and view you in the same way. They adjust how they treat you and how much respect they give you to the expectation that you have from them. This goes with your relationship to anyone whether it’s your family members, your kids, your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, your ex, or coworkers.       

2. Self-love gives you self-confident    

When you value yourself and have high self-esteem you will feel more secure and have a greater self-worth that will allow you to feel confident in yourself and your abilities. It gives you a kind of “Super-hero” feeling about yourself and you’ll know that you can tackle anything that comes your way.   

3.  Self-love helps you set boundaries   

Self-love supports you in setting boundaries.  When you love doing things for others and your love ones you can tend to overexert and stretch yourself too thin.  This is so true for caretakers, parents, and people who are in relationships.

You have to remember the part where you take care of YOU and the time that you allotted for yourself.  When you give yourself what you deserve physically, emotionally, and spiritually then you are freer to give and love.   Your top priority should be YOURSELF.  This is not selfish.  In fact, it is self-less because you are preparing yourself to give to others more than you can ever imagine.    

You know when to say NO and you keep promises and appointments with yourself.  you make appointments to do self-care like massages, sleep, vacations, alone time, and time to do what you love. 

4.  Self-lovehelps you become the BEST you.    

When you have self-love you know your strength, you eliminate toxic relationship, you have positive thoughts, you are your authentic you, you treat yourself well and you treat others well.  You become the BEST version of yourself.       

5.  Self-love helps you make good decisions   

When you make decisions based on what people thinks then it is really not the best decision for you.  But if you love yourself enough to value your feelings and opinion above the outsiders, the gossipers, the “should be”, or the “Status Quo”, then you will make the best decisions for yourself.  It doesn’t matter what Jane Doe or John Deer does with their life; it matters what you do with your life.  When you drop other people’s opinion then what feels most comfortable to you is often the best decisions for YOU.    

The people that love you the most are sometimes the biggest culprit in steering you down the wrong path because they think they know you and they want what is best for you.  But only you know you.  Only you know what's make you happy.  So, yes if you love yourself enough that you are confident in who you are and what you want you will definitely make good, sound decisions.       

6.  Self love makes you feel good and look good   

You may have days that you feel your worst, your hair doesn’t fall just in the right places, and your clothes don’t fit the way you want them to fit.  Those are the days that self-love will help pick you up and say “Hey beautiful, you look even sexy in those baggy clothes and ragged hair”.  Accepting your body the way it is, whether you are on your way to a slimmer you or a healthier body, will make you feel good and look good.  Essentially you will glow with beauty just because you “feel good”    

7.  Self love leads to the better health   

When you hold yourself in highest regard you tend to make better choices.  You will be drawn to choose better food, exercise more, and take better care of YOU.  You will do things to move you to the direction of showing up as the best version of yourself.     

Yes, it is true we have so many versions of ourselves.  The healthy us, the sweet hoarder us, the lazy us, the go getter us, etc.  How we show up depends on how we feel.  If we love our self, we have higher self-esteem and feel good about ourselves we tend to choose to take better care of our health.    

8.  Self-love creates a happier perspective of your inside and outside world.    

Self-love helps keeps your emotions high in the sense that it wards off depressions and self-doubt.  You are happier inside and there is not much that bothers you.  You become the Zen master of your emotions.  Once your inner world is happy you will automatically have a better outlook in your outer world.   When you see people cut you off on the highway you will automatically have more compassion as to why they do that.  And you will brush that off as they are in a hurry to be at some place important.  May be their wife is having a baby or their love ones got injured.     

You naturally will not allow the outside chaos to interfere with your inner peace. You will know how to handle it or how to perceive it.  No one’s world is the same.  We all look at the world through the lens of personal worth and personal experience.  If your personal worth is high since you have self-love your lens to the outside world will be less dirty and you see it completely from a different perspective, then individuals who have no self-love and no self-esteem.    

9.  Self-love teaches you to have more compassion for yourself and for others   

We all make mistakes.  And when you allow yourself not to be so “perfect” and love the perfect imperfections in you then you are automatically having more compassion for the flaws of others.  The “imperfections” that we think we have arewhat make us special and what makes us unique and rare.  There is only one of YOU and that what makes you so valuable that you are literally priceless.     

10.Self-love creates greater life satisfaction   

When you have self-love you naturally have a favorable outlook of the world thus a more positive attitude towards life. When the previous mentioned 9 reasons to love yourself are in line then life is just peachy.  What is more satisfying then to have healthy relationships, have self-confident, have healthy boundaries, be the BEST version of yourself, make good life decisions, feel good and look good, have great health, have happy perspective in your inside and outside world, and have compassion for yourself and for others.  This self-love thing inarguably creates the greatest life satisfaction!     

So, what are you waiting for?  Go to the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you and do the things that support self-love. 

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