How to find ways to have more self-love and self-esteem so you can avoid the frustration of not knowing where to start

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How Every Women/Men, People Pleaser, Perfectionist, Overworked Bread Winner, Professionals, Divorcee, Can Feel Confident, Powerful, and Respected. Here's How.

From Sasitorn Sukkasem (aka Sas, Dr. - Sas)

Dear friends,
It’s a FACT – most people out there whether they are successful, rich, famous, average, or poor – all have problem with self-love and never get to that peak point of total confident and happy with who they really are.

Why? Because they don’t realize it and have no framework of where to start.

If you want to feel more confident, powerful, respected, and feel good in your own skin then Self-Love Journey Mini Course is what you’ve been waiting for.

I  have often wondered how some people appear to exude such self-confidence and grace. 

...through my personal studies and journeys, I discovered their SECRET!

You probably ask yourself why I am telling you this. Let me tell you why.
It took me years of studying of multiple seminars, books, courses, personal training, plus trial and tribulations to finally realize the answer to why some people appears to exude such self-confidence and grace.

Once I discovered the secret ingredients, I put them into the Self-Love Journey Mini Course so that you won’t have to struggle to find your way. I put all the important steps that you need to take to find that self-confidence and self-love that we all need to excel in life.

Self-Love Journey Mini Course

There are 6 major steps in Self-Love Journey and in this video course we will cover them all!

1.  We will talk about gratitude, what it is and how you can start practicing having gratitude. 

2.  We will talk about how magnificent you are as a person and how you can start feeling that way.

3.  We will talk about how to forgive and let go and what is the first step you can do to do just that!

4.  We will talk about setting boundaries plus the key steps on what exactly you need to do. Many people get this step wrong, but you won’t because you will have this guide.

5.  We will talk about nature and how you can use the power of this free resource to fuel the love you have for yourself.

6.  We will talk about meditation and how this powerful, yet simple practice can significantly push you to your finish line of your first journey to self-love.

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The Truth About How To Have A Healthier Relationship With Yourself and With Others - Why would you want to know?

When you achieve true self-love is when you will have the true healthy love relationship with others.

There were times where my relationship with the love of my life was sour and muddy. The one thing that saved it for me was my realization to the SECRET of it all.

The secret to happy and healthy relationship is SELF-LOVE.

Do You Struggle Because You Judge Yourself? 

Do you tell yourself that you are not good enough mother, father, wife, husband, boss, doctors, lawyers, pharmacist, coach, entrepreneur, sisters, daughters, son, brother, etc….?

Why do you think people do this to themselves?
What can we do to get out of this rut?
Do you want to end all these voices in your head and don’t know where to start?

Then you came to the right place. Self-Love Journey Mini Course will definitely start you on the right path.

Do You Find Yourself Feeling Sad Often?
What If You Can Feel Joyful Most of The Time?

Self-Love Journey Mini Course will teach you how to feel better about yourself. Looking For the Secret of Self-Love? Self-Love will help you look better and FEEL better about yourself.

How Every Women and Men Especially People Pleasers and Empath Draws a Line and Give a Healthy Boundaries Without Hurting Other’s Feelings?


Do you want to say “no” but don’t want to be “mean”?

  Do you struggle getting things done for yourself because you are too busy pleasing everyone else?

  Do you want to do something else but always ended up going along with others?

  Do you end up feeling like you running around like chickens with their heads cut off?

  Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you do for others and have no time to do things that you need and want to do for yourself?

  Do you feel resentful to your significant others because you didn’t get to do what you want because you “thought” it is best to do it “their way”?

If you answer yes to all of the above, then the Self-Love Journey Mini Course is a perfect solution for you. Not only that you will learn how to set and execute your boundaries, but you will also learn other skills that will help you become more self-confidence in a loving way.


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