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Our Services

Through 1 on 1 and group coaching programs, Dr. Sas uses her proprietary SRT method to help you submerge into:

  • Who you  are

  • What you want to do

  • What impact/legacy do you want to leave behind

  • What lifestyle do you want to live as a result of your business

Let's figure out the best way to achieve your personal goals in the shortest time possible via a free strategy call.

Awaken The power Within

  • Empowering From Within

  • Getting “unstuck”

  • Confidently express your authenticity

  • Harmonious relationships

  • Setting solid boundaries


Through 1:1 coaching Dr. Sas will guide you to find your & your business's

  • True identity

  • Meaningful Mission

  • Clear Vision

Every business and person must start here. 


Dr. Sas will help you create a strategy to reach the vision of the business that you want.

  • Create a powerful plan

  • How to stay focused

  • Protect your time

  • How to scale up

  • How to work on your business and not in your business.

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