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Dr. Sasitorn Sukkasem, aka Dr. Sas,  has redefined what self-love means.  She is the founder of Awakened Goddess LLC, a self empowerment and self improvement company.   

Her experience as a healthcare professional, an AirForce Office, a business owner, and a mother raise the ceiling of discipline, hard work, and dedication. 

Her work revolves around rising above your circumstances and situation, forgetting about self pity or victim roles - you are what you think you are;  you create your own life; you are in control; you deserve all the success in the world.  Love, peace, health, and happiness are the conversations she has with her clients, fans, and followers.  

If you want to have a profound, in depth, long lasting  impact to the point of wiping off your tears then Dr. Sas is your go to speaker.  

Dr. Sas Quotes:

Being a leader of yourself and others requires you knowing yourself and acting on your goal".

Life is nothing without loving relationships with yourself and others".

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