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There was a time in my life when I thought I could eat anything and stay skinny and healthy. I thought that if I had a super genetic makeup, I would be resistant to weight gain and the health issues that many women suffer from. I was wrong. Age has a way of catching up to you. As much as my DNA was on my side when I was in my early years, I know now that healthy eating and healthy choices in all areas of life is the golden nugget when it comes to living the “best you.”  

Back in 2003, my eyes were opened when I discovered that a botanical fruit juice helped heal me from the chronic back pain I suffered from due to a car accident. I went on and got educated in anti-aging medicine and integrative nutrition, which opened my eyes even wider. So, I took more steps to widen my scope of knowledge and studied reiki, a form of energy healing. I realized that the three main areas we must focus on to have true health are emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health—the triquetra that most know as “mind, body, and spirit.” 

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Unlock the secret of health and a fountain of youth and happiness that all mankind is searching for. I will show you where to start and how to stay focused. This works for me and the many people I have coached, and I know it can work for you too. I am now in my 50s and feeling the best I have ever felt. I would not trade this time for any other time in my youth.


My mission is to empower and guide openminded and coachable people to heal themselves to health, which will further heal all areas of their life so they can live healthier and happier. This is a lifestyle that I myself live by, and I am very passionate about sharing this wealth of knowledge with those who seek a solution for their health and happiness.  

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Each week I publish at least 2 to 3 posts on several topics that support your health in the 3 main areas that I focus on – mind, body, and spirit.





Taking care of your health starts with self-love. Health is more than just what you put in your mouth. It encompasses so many things, and the first step is learning how important you are and that you are enough. Learn to accept yourself and know that you come first.  Without your health and happiness, you will be less capable of taking care of what matters most to you.


Eating the right food and moving your body is essential for your health. There is no one perfect diet for everyone. I believe in bio-individuality. A vegan diet may work for one person but not for another. For some, a diet comprised of some meat and fish may work better. Yet, this may change with time. We must learn to listen to our body. The most important thing is eating things that are from the earth and nothing that comes in a box or is manufactured by man.  


Let’s face it, we are more than just body and flesh. We are a spiritual being having a human experience. Meditations and connecting with the earth and the spirit/God/the universe play a major role in contributing to our overall health.


Books that I recommend you read to get the fundamental understanding.

No Excuses by Brian Tracy


Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman



Dr. Christina Johnson

Doctor of Pharmacy

Sas is simply amazing!!! She has an intuitive understanding of people and is highly intelligent to boot. Her insightfulness and diverse learning allows her to quickly understand others and help them conquer the challenges they face- be it nutrition, seeking mindfulness or dealing with aches and pains. She has many different tools to assist with and her multiple areas of training allow for an integrated approach. She is warm and compassionate and her desire to assist others is readily apparent. I have been fortunate to know Sas as a colleague and dear friend for the past seven years. Her cheerfulness and positive attitude is infectious. She inspires me to be a better me! I hope you reach out so she can inspire you as well!

Dr. Paveena Posang

Medical Doctor

As long as I've known Sas, she has always been compassionate and understanding. You won't find a better coach who listen without judgement and who guide with such gentleness. The kind of patience Sas has for her clients and everyone she comes into contact with is unmatched. I feel like I can consult with her in about any subject in life.

Pascal Bachman

International Speaker, Author, & Life Coach

Sas is an insightful and intuitive coach. What I took away from her are the areas that many men struggle with - those are compassion, empathy, gentleness, and patience. She is a great soul that is a gift to us all.


Health Is A Journey

Take one step at a time in the right path and you will reach your goal.

NOW is the time to take action and:

  • Take responsibility for your health
  • Uncover what is important to you in all areas of your life

  • Create your plan to a successful, healthy lifestyle

  • Get connected with your spiritual self and energetic self
  • Create the life you deserve and live with peace and joy

Let me coach and guide you through your journey to health!

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